Here you can download a variety of useful materials and tools developed by the project, including deliverables that will support your journey towards innovation and growth. Click on AGORA or INNOVATION RADAR to discover more about our partnerships.

D9.1 Communication and Dissemination Plan

Communication and dissemination are a core part of the IDEALIST project to ensure that project activities, resources and results are communicated to the relevant stakeholders in a clear, consistent, and effective manner. 


First Press Release

Download our first press release to share the latest news about our project and get to know us better.


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Agora Platform

AGORA is your dedicated, secure platform as a manufacturing stakeholder to connect with like-minded, relevant people across Europe.

Unlock Your Potential with AGORA 


Connect with top industry experts easily.


Exchange ideas, innovate collaboratively across Europe.


Participate in events, shaping the industry's future.


Access insights, drive sustainable value chains.

Innovative Networking

AGORA connects Europe’s manufacturing minds, fostering a vibrant community where industry leaders, innovators, and thinkers converge. Engage with peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on groundbreaking projects to shape the future of manufacturing.

Collaborative Events

Participate in AGORA’s diverse events, ranging from net-zero transformation webinars to startup pitches. These gatherings are crucial for sparking ideas, facilitating partnerships, and driving forward sustainable and technological advancements in manufacturing.

Idea Exchange

AGORA is a hub for sharing disruptive ideas and solutions, leveraging the collective intelligence of its members. It’s a platform where different perspectives unite, fostering an environment of innovation and positive impact on the manufacturing industry.

Idealist with

Innovation Radar

The Innovation Radar, a key initiative by the European Commission, proudly announces a significant achievement: cataloging over 10,000 EU-funded innovations. Established to spotlight high-potential innovations emerging from EU-funded research, the Innovation Radar serves as a vital resource for investors, innovators, and the public. Its comprehensive repository not only enhances the visibility of groundbreaking projects but also facilitates connections with investors, accelerating the journey from concept to market. This milestone underscores the EU’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting innovators at every development stage, contributing to a thriving European digital industry.


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