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The IDEALIST consortium brings together 14 partners from 7 countries, including innovation clusters, a knowledge community, a foresight specialist, and a tech center. United by the mission to foster industrial ecosystems, we aim to enhance SMEs’ innovation, support Ukraine’s reconstruction, and strengthen EU integration.




Industrial Ecosystems


The IDEALIST project faces significant challenges in its mission to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the changes brought about by events like the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict, and ongoing supply chain disruptions.

These sectors, including high-energy industries, aerospace and defense, mobility, transport, and automotive, are crucial to the European economy yet are grappling with the transition to more sustainable practices, competitiveness issues due to component and raw material shortages, and shifts in consumer behavior. 


The objectives of the IDEALIST project are multifaceted and ambitious, aiming to empower SMEs across Europe to foresee their future actively, embrace advanced technologies, and mitigate supply chain vulnerabilities.


Energy Intensive Industries

Aerospace & Defence

Mobility, Transport & Automotive

1 mission – 14 partners

Discover the Consortium

The IDEALIST project represents a collaborative and innovative effort, bringing together a wide range of partners from across Europe. 
With 14 partners from 7 countries, the consortium showcases a broad spectrum of expertise:


CIMES, a French innovation cluster, focuses on mechanical engineering and production performance, coordinating an ecosystem of industry, academia, and research to develop and industrialize innovative processes, products, and services across three main areas: Engineering for Manufacturing, Materials and Surfaces, and Integrated Robotics for Production Efficiency..


ALBATROS, a French industrial cluster, comprises 20 dynamic SMEs focused on aerospace, energy, maritime, and ground transportation. It drives member growth through R&D in processes and materials, leveraging advanced manufacturing technologies to enhance SME resilience within the IDEALIST project.


APPAU, the Ukrainian Industrial Automation Association, strengthens Ukraine’s resilience by leading the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance. It delivers crucial information on recovery projects, aiming to enhance global professional solidarity and economic stability, focusing on collaboration with US and EU organizations.


The Cluster of Automotive and Mobility of Aragón (CAAR), representing Aragón’s automotive and mobility sector in Spain, unites 122 members within a robust ecosystem, forming a significant industrial and knowledge hub. With over 300 companies and 34,000 employees, it aims to enhance collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness in southern Europe.


Chemie Cluster Bayern (CCB) connects over 100 companies, startups, and research institutions in Bavaria’s chemistry industry. It focuses on business development, technology scouting, and transforming scientific results into industrial applications. CCB supports members with funding applications, project development, and management, fostering innovation and growth.


COMET, representing Friuli Venezia Giulia’s mechanical engineering sector, focuses on metal processing and mechanics. It leads communication efforts in IDEALIST, engaging SMEs to address supply chain disruptions and technological advancements, fostering resilience and innovation.


DITECFER, Italy’s leading Railway Technologies cluster, collaborates with over 50 innovative companies and research bodies. As a key player in European rail competitiveness, it coordinates EU-funded projects to enhance the resilience, innovation, and internationalization of SMEs in the railway sector.

EIT Manufacturing

EIT Manufacturing, part of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, unites industrial partners, academic institutions, and innovative SMEs to foster collaboration across Europe. It aims to drive innovation in manufacturing through AGORA, a social network with over 2000 members dedicated to pan-European collaboration.


Eurecat, Catalonia’s leading Technology Centre, supports the industrial sector with advanced technology and expertise, enhancing innovation and competitiveness. With 650 professionals, it generates significant revenue and participates in over 200 national and international R&D projects.


GKZ, a German network of 165 entities in the raw materials, energy, and environmental sector, focuses on exploration, production, and recycling. It plays a key role in IDEALIST by highlighting the importance of raw materials supply chains and promoting resource efficiency and circular economy practices.


The Czech Aerospace Cluster, with 60 direct members and access to 120+ partners, supports SMEs in innovation, internationalization, and networking. Experienced in EU projects, it collaborates with key space organizations and is part of the European Aerospace Cluster partnership, linking 45 clusters across 27 countries.

Silesian Aviation Cluster

The Silesian Aviation Cluster, founded by aviation industry representatives, aims to strengthen cooperation among businesses and facilitate the continuous transfer of knowledge and innovative solutions. With dozens of members, including universities and business institutions, it enhances the competitiveness and development of aviation in Poland.


4CF, a leader in foresight methodologies, employs innovative tools for trend analysis and scenario development to enhance organizational innovation. In the project, 4CF’s expertise in anticipating industry 4.0 challenges is crucial for stakeholder foresight capabilities.


Polymeris, a French cluster supporting the polymer industry, focuses on advanced materials, circular economy, and digital factory. With 400 members, it facilitates matchmaking and strategic foresight in six regions, contributing to raw materials, feedstocks, and components supplier information collection.

Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of Manufacturing in Europe

The project is dedicated to empowering SMEs to become more active participants in adapting to changes, particularly those spurred by global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict initiated by Russia in Ukraine.


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