In an unprecedented collaboration, a consortium of 14 partners from across 7 European countries have come together to launch the IDEALIST project, under the auspices of Horizon Europe, the EU’s key funding programme for research and innovation.  

This ambitious initiative seeks to address the urgent challenges faced by SMEs in the Energy-Intensive Industries, Aerospace & Defence, and Mobility, Transport, & Automotive sectors, promoting resilience, sustainable practices, and advanced technological adoption in the face of global disruptions such as the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical conflicts. 

Objective and Vision 

IDEALIST’s core mission is to empower SMEs within these crucial industrial ecosystems to not only anticipate and withstand unexpected global challenges but also to emerge stronger and more competitive. The project focuses on three pivotal areas: 

  • Strategic Foresight: Developing tools and methodologies for SMEs to better predict and prepare for future challenges, transforming uncertainty into a strategic advantage. 
  • Technology Uptake: Facilitating the integration of advanced technologies within traditional SMEs, fostering partnerships that bridge the gap between innovation leaders and broader industry sectors. 
  • Supply Chain Resilience: Identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in supply chains to reduce the impact of external shocks, ensuring a more stable and robust industrial base. 

A Collaborative Approach to Innovation 

At the heart of IDEALIST lies the commitment to collaboration and community building. Through pilot projects and the innovative Hack&Match method, the project will encourage cross-sectoral partnerships, leveraging the AGORA platform led by EIT Manufacturing to support matchmaking and network strengthening among Europe’s manufacturing companies. 

A Call to Action 

IDEALIST represents a unique opportunity for SMEs across Europe to join forces in addressing common challenges and seizing new opportunities for growth and innovation. The project invites stakeholders from all participating sectors to engage with its activities, contribute to its objectives, and benefit from its outcomes. 

About the Consortium 

The IDEALIST consortium comprises a diverse group of partners, including Clusters organisations, industry leaders and research institutions from 7 European countries, representing thousands of SMEs across the targeted sectors.  An added value to the consortium, the presence of EIT Manufacturing, a public-private partnership, co-funded by the European Union and established in 2019. EIT Manufacturing is one of the nine Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). This collaboration ensures a broad and inclusive approach, with insights and expertise from across the industrial spectrum. 

For Further Information 

For more details about the IDEALIST project, its objectives, and how to get involved, please contact

Dissemination contact is

COMET – Cluster Metalmeccanica Friuli Venezia Giulia  

Gabriella de Domenico – Communication Manager